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The Crescent of Evil.

Where all things evil and insane reside. And some strange things, too.

The Crescent of Evil
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This is the Crescent of Evil.

So unless you're studying Classics at Longley Park, you won't know what this is about. Allow me to enlighten you...

The founding members of this group are Classics students. And we are mad. No really, I mean it. We're quite insane. Amongst other things, we make fun of Classical texts and characters; searching for the scandals concealed within, and try to oblitterate the sanity of our two teachers. One in particular.

Although we really should be careful of what we say, cos they could sue us or something.

But anyway. All we really want is to have a good time, although this derails discussions, and we're probably a good month or so behind on our curriculum as it is.

In case you're wondering HOW a community can have a birthday, other than the day it was founded, the birthday is the date of our first classics history lesson. *cough*

So we're all crazy. We are a very like-minded group, and are the masters of innudendos and general randomness. Membership is being monitored because we won't know random people and of their general skills in evilness. If you want to join, you'd be best contacting one of the members so your evil abilities can be assessed.

~Members of the Crescent~
Chi ('Thela/Lena)
Queen (Ruthicus)
Mew (Trev)

~Submembers of the Crescent~
Ticho... He's BACK!
Richy Rich ^_^

(Just to clarify, Members are the ones who are in the Classics group... Submembers are not, but they are just as evil, and equally as naughty.)
anitgone, athena, augustus, blowing things up, bothering people, calypso, camp hermes, card games, circe, classics, flash animations, fwoot/woot/hooting people, greece, hermes, hippolytus, humouring or pet penguin, kalypso, making fun of classics, making people insane, mark antony, monty python, movies in fifteen minutes, neil cicierega, octavian, odysseus, oedipus, our pet penguin, pallas athena, parodies, penguin baiting, penguin fighting, penguin-making-fun of, penguins, poseidon, potter puppet pals, randomness, saying 'whee', sophocles, the odyssey, tragedies, watching things blow up, yayness, zeus