othela (othela) wrote in evilclassicists,

The Crescent of Evil does...

A day out?

In York?

In May?

We could do a picnic in the Squirrel Park, or take out food into Cafe Nero to annoy people. And maybe visit Jorvik? and/or the national rail museum? NRM is free, Jorvik is £6.60 for students and £7.95 for adults - about £3 more for a DIG pass... 

I suggest this because of the weirdness of Ruth's holiday schedule, York for the sake of somewhere exotic and intersting (...ie NOT Sheffield) and well in advance so we can plan this thing. Ideas? Comments? Questions? I think some of you need to get back in touch with History again *winkwink* 

...and trains count as History. Just not classical

EDIT: Also? We can buy toy daggers and swords and chase each othr around York with them :p Or do something.

Basically I'm after a day filled with crack, wonderment, and photos for our digs next year :p 

More info:

Ruth and Helena both vote in support of May, bearing in mind Ruth's birthday is on the second, which is when she finishes placement.

Helena adds that this is the bank holiday weekend, and she likely won't have cash - just realised it - until the sixth, or maybe the seventh with the way bank holidays mess with things. As such, she suggests the following weekend (10th) OR some time during that week, if there is a day on which people can miss lectures.   <----- this is me. Rethinking :p

Chloe puts forth a vote for York Dungeons for the gross historicfulness. Sounds better than the NRM to me XD

Patricio adds that he is all for the idea, and that he wishes to run around in knight regalia.

*will be updated as more suggestions become available*  *reposted*
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