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The Crescent in York: Update

Awaiting more discussion with the rest of you, but Ruth and I thought the tenth would be a good day - that's the Saturday AFTER Bank Holiday weekend. However. I am all for skipping out of a day of lectures that week to avoid too great a rush (7th/8th/9th?). I might be the only one. I mean, the rest of you have degrees to study for.

Oh, wait...

Trev has put forth the idea of running around in full medieval regalia for the full day. Full medieval regalia... might be hard on the trains? But weapons and such - wooden ones - are probably readily available from various Yorkish outlets. But the Jorvik ones look good. Bagsy the cross sword :p

Potential venues - and prices - look to be shaping up as follows:

Jorvik (Adult £7.95, Student, £6.60)
York Dungeon (Adult £8.35, Student £7.65 - prices rise depending on time of day)

Rail Tickets - £8 return if bought in advance

Centres open at about 10:30, and close around 5:00, which will probably be the start and end times of the day of riotousness and joy... depending on how long it takes for us to get to York and how early we are willing to get up for the crack *does not know how far away Leicester is* *ashamed*

Lunch depends entirely on the weather, but as I'm hoping for sword fights I'd like some sun :p And so, possibly, a picnic? 

So. Which would be best? To attend one venue and spend the rest of the time wandering around York and its sights? or to go to two? (York dungeon books in two hour slots, for reference - having two hours in two places would leave us some time over...)

More ideas? NEEDS DISCUSSION ON MSN! Ruthicus is in Spain this week, but hopefully we'll hear more when she gets back.
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The Crescent of Evil does...

A day out?

In York?

In May?

We could do a picnic in the Squirrel Park, or take out food into Cafe Nero to annoy people. And maybe visit Jorvik? and/or the national rail museum? NRM is free, Jorvik is £6.60 for students and £7.95 for adults - about £3 more for a DIG pass... 

I suggest this because of the weirdness of Ruth's holiday schedule, York for the sake of somewhere exotic and intersting ( NOT Sheffield) and well in advance so we can plan this thing. Ideas? Comments? Questions? I think some of you need to get back in touch with History again *winkwink* 

...and trains count as History. Just not classical

EDIT: Also? We can buy toy daggers and swords and chase each othr around York with them :p Or do something.

Basically I'm after a day filled with crack, wonderment, and photos for our digs next year :p 

More info:

Ruth and Helena both vote in support of May, bearing in mind Ruth's birthday is on the second, which is when she finishes placement.

Helena adds that this is the bank holiday weekend, and she likely won't have cash - just realised it - until the sixth, or maybe the seventh with the way bank holidays mess with things. As such, she suggests the following weekend (10th) OR some time during that week, if there is a day on which people can miss lectures.   <----- this is me. Rethinking :p

Chloe puts forth a vote for York Dungeons for the gross historicfulness. Sounds better than the NRM to me XD

Patricio adds that he is all for the idea, and that he wishes to run around in knight regalia.

*will be updated as more suggestions become available*  *reposted*

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Scenes as we havent had any for a while, (and as helena has induced an Eddie Izzard fest this morning with the star wars one she posted) i think its time for a bit more ridicule of the good old henge.

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I come bearing degree-level innuendo!!!

" Surrounded by Trojan women
on every side, I took my seat on the couch.
The atmosphere was one of friendliness.
The women fingered my robes, then lifted the cloth
to inspect it under the light, exclaiming shrilly
over the quality of our Thracian weaving.
Still others stood there admiring my lance
and before I knew it I wass stripped of spear 
and shield alike."

~Hecuba  1149-1157, tr William Arrowsmith

...use your imaginations a little...
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Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the third of May.

Be advised that drunk skunks will be making their way across your desks on the hour and every half-hour from 3pm to 11:30pm. If you are not at your desks they will track you  down, wherever you may be, and bug you to death.

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i dont know what everybody elses coursework situation is like, but I have four pieces of music tech, and trev has Geologoy and Archeology marathon-courseworks, plus key skills portfolio on top of that.......
i would just like to take this minute to point out that Alan made us do our coursework, handed in and marked up, months ago. This, i would like to point out, means that we dont have it to do now on top of all the other work.

Thankyou Alan.  

The Siege of Tyre

The first instalment of my Classical seires is complete.
I have decided to start with Alexander the Great and will probably do more on his battles.

Enjoy - and revel in the historical accuracy of my work!
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Interesting quotes of the week...

... And two of them are from Alan *gasp!*

Alan: College is supposed to make you come!
Lena: *breaks into giggles*
Trev and Ruth: *facepalm*

Alan: What did Tiberius have that was bigger than everyone elses???
*Class sniggers*
Not that.

Amy: You don't have SWIMWEAR???
Tich: No. I grew out of it too quickly.
Trev and Lena: *collective snorting*

... and we have TWO happy hours of Alan today. Curse the Athenian Democracy cram session!!!

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me and johnny are doing some frantic essay-age. but John boy has told me a secret story!!!!
he went to Alan and said "Alas, Alan, O' penguin faced one! I have been unable complete thyne task of the coursewrok essay!" *laments*
Alan: that's ok, dont worry about. As long its in this week so it can be markabled and sent off.
So all is cool and well - and because i appear to be in the lead in the coursework race - 1950 wrods - i think im going to go eat something now. then hand in my trip stuffs.