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The Crescent of Evil.

Where all things evil and insane reside. And some strange things, too.

1/6/07 02:11 pm - trev_is_crazy - The Groovey Gnag are no more....

I attempted to visit their site to reminiss on the randomness, but it is now closed down....

Such a shame. There is now one less random and crazy place on the web *sniffles*

12/8/06 12:04 am - lakechloe

did you know that according to the egyptian creation theory, Ammon created the universe through divine masturbation?
apparantly he pulled himself from the primodial water using just his own will and strength. He was then alone, and so created the universe by masturbating.
"he was often found depicted on the walls of Karnak, ithyphallic(erect), and with a scourge." 

Unfortunately, I cant find much else on it, cause it's a bit taboo. And no real piccy's cause the ones in karnak are consealed from the public behind screens so that people dont get shocked.
Also apparantly, every day the 'Goddess of Amon-Ra', or the 'Hand of Amon', a priestess of Karnak, went to the sacred inner chambers of the temple and recreated the creation myth. And yes there wasa phallic statue in there.

10/19/06 11:19 am - trev_is_crazy

Isn't it fun when we make Alan crack?

*looks fondly back on all the occasions this has happened*

We better tell the new group about "showers of gld"

9/5/06 02:53 pm - othela - ~IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE MOD~

(as long as you read it, it should be OK)

Friday the Eighth of September. This, my friends, is an important day.

Why is it an important day? Not just because it is the first day back for A2 students after the summer holiday. Nay, not even because it is the day after my great-uncle’s birthday. Not even because…. *consults diary* because… the moon is moving from Pisces to Aries at 18:24 pm… (Huuuh???)

No, my dear friends, sisters, brothers, or people of indeterminate gender and/or familial connection (Ticho) This day is a very important day. I ask you again. Why is this an important day.

This day is important because… *bows head* It marks the first year since our first Classics lesson with Alan, and the consolidation of the Crescent of Evil’s reign of evildom (having known one another all of one day :p). It marks the first year since the madness began.

Is this not a day which should be celebrated in some way, however small???

I suggest post-college drinks (non-alcoholic ones) and general chillage in some place unbranded and cosy. What say you all?

- Any places boycotted by Ticho.
- Pub/Bar. Bloody expensive and we don’t want to get drunk.
- Canteen. Not comfortable, and poison-making. Besides, if we’re going to bitch about college and/or plan our evil for this year (delete as appropriate) we don’t want to do it where we can be eavesdropped on.

If you think of anymore places we can’t go, let me know, and I shall add them to the list. If you think of any places we CAN go, let me know, and I shall MAKE a list.

8/24/06 02:10 am - othela - Ha ha ha!!!

^_^ And guess what? Tiresias is in Oedipus Rex too! Wonderful!

More about Tiresias

(all info from Wikipedia)

8/22/06 02:39 pm - trev_is_crazy

Has anyone else noticed that you can't read the writing on our beloved community? Tis random and strange and the journal keeps doing this from time to time - I think the journal is just as evil a us, ya know.

Just figured I'd write that and see what happens...

6/21/06 09:35 pm - jesse_dylan - Hermes

Hey gang! As Shaggy would say. :)

You guys seem like such a cool group, not to mention wickedly intelligent, and I'd like to pick your collective brain.

The AssignmentCollapse )

This didn't come out quite as ellegantly as I'd hoped, and I fear I look like a nutter. Sorry about that. If you can't, or don't want to help, I understand.

6/21/06 09:33 pm - othela

Hmmm. It seems the Crescent of Evil has been giving it's first... assignment.

*watches in amusement as everyone oohs and aahs*

I shall leave newest submember jesse_dylan to inform you of it. Partly cos I can't be bothered. Partly cos... well... yeah.

That makes this entry kind of pointless so I'd better do something with it.


Uh. The Crescent kind of caused trouble at the hairdressers. But then the hairdressers caused trouble back. As they do O_o

But - whoo - Classics History lesson tomorrow.

6/19/06 11:31 am - othela - Because we've not posted anything for a while.

One of Alan's History students discovered the website the students at his old school made for him. Whoooo! We couldn't help but email them. Here's...

6/14/06 12:18 pm - lakechloe - Newness!! ^_^

Well.... we have new greek things to study.... including Oedipus Rex - possibly one of the funniest plays ever. killed his father, married his mother. fool. 
but anywho, as we were doing our researching thing this morning with maggie.... we found ........
Oedipus the movie - in 8 mins, re-enacted by vegetables!

the website is quite on the amusing side,
"And so obviously, when the Potato and the Tomato have sex.....
The offspring would be a cherry tomato."


"The Supermarket Union Strike of 2003 put a real damper on our casting process, as did the fruit-fly infestation." 

What a thing this film is. I cant wait to see it.
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